20 Easy Brunch Recipe Ideas

When someone says brunch, my mouth starts to water. Brunch is a perfect combination of savory or sweet little dishes to try. I am a sucker for little snacks and treats, and brunch satisfies all those flavors for me.  Just about anything made in a muffin cup is perfect little tastes for a brunch. Also a yogurt bar would be fun with tons of nuts, granola and fresh fruit to mix in. With so many brunch recipe ideas to choose, it is no wonder it is one of my favorite meals.

20 Easy Brunch Recipe Ideas20 Easy Brunch Recipe Ideas

Easy Brunch Ideas

My kids just love pancakes. Easy Mini Pancake Bites make breakfast easy and finger food.

A super simple casserole to whip up in no time is this Apple Pancake Recipe. When apples are in season we love to make this fun and simple dish.

What is the best thing to go with pancakes? Homemade Pancake Syrup of course. No high fructose corn syrup. This stuff is the bomb!

This is the most pinned and family favorite recipe Ham and Cheese Muffins. This is one of the best brunch recipe ideas to use leftover ham.

If you have never made a frittata, then you want to start with this Southwest Frittata. Being from Texas I love anything southwest and this frittata is no exception. Be sure to have a few egg brunch recipe ideas for your spread.

Who doesn’t love Homemade Biscuits? These are so fluffy and tasty with all the tips and tricks to have large flaky biscuits.

I seriously thought making cinnamon rolls was very difficult. After making Homemade Cinnamon Rolls for the first time I realized it is so easy.

Baked Oatmeal Bars are like having and entire bowl of oatmeal in one bar. So healthy and can be made nut free with so many options.

A super snack idea for a brunch make Homemade Lara Bars to serve in small squares. These are almost like eating candy.

When pumpkin time comes around or any time of year Cranberry Pumpkin Muffins make a great addition to any brunch.

A good thing to go with coffee is Chai Cranberry Almond Biscotti. I just love the crunch of these. If they get too hard simple dunk in your coffee to soften a little.

Having Homemade Salsa with any egg dish is so fresh and tasty. Salsa just goes with eggs.

By far one of the best tutorials how to make  Homemade Yogurt in a slow cooker on the net. Video included with tips and tricks to have perfect yogurt every time.

After you make some yogurt learn how to make this Homemade Cream Cheese.

Breakfast or brunch is not complete without coffee. After making Homemade Creamer I never buy store brands any more. I just love all the wonderful natural flavors I can make at home.

My husband makes the best Roasted Chicken Salad. This is his top secret recipe for perfect brunch option.

White Chocolate Cranberry bars are the Starbucks knock of cranberry bliss bars. These are requested often at my house, so I had to start making them after Starbucks no longer sells them.

The mornings when my dad would get up and make breakfast was my favorite. His Homemade Hash Brown Recipe is so easy and crunchy. It will always remind me of Saturday mornings at home. (coming soon)

This is one of my husbands specialties to make. His famous Cajun Hashbrowns Recipe is one of my favorites. (coming soon)

Sometimes it is just too hot to cook. Refrigerated Oatmeal doesn’t require the stove, but just a little preparation the night before. Then have a fixins bar to add granola, nuts and fruit to mix in for a wonderful treat. (coming soon)

How to host a brunch

Reading this just makes me hungry for all these Brunch recipe ideas. I love the variety of food to choose from a good brunch spread. To create a spread for a variety of people,  first create the menu. Besides the guest list, creating the menu items is one of my favorite parts. Offer two to three egg dishes, two three small sweet treats and a few savory items. This list of brunch recipe ideas is a great place to start. Many people like to have a little taste of everything, so make small serving size portions of each dish. Set up the spread where everyone has easy access to each of brunch items.

Do you just love brunch? What is your favorite brunch dish?

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