30-Minute Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

30-minute, almost one pan, hot and cheesy green chile chicken enchiladas you’ll want to roll in. That’s what you have here. Make-ahead and shortcut friendly (a big shout out to rotisserie chicken) makes these even easier and something the entire family can enjoy on a busy weeknight.

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30-Minute Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

You need to know that I’ve been craving these green chile chicken enchiladas since the last time I made them. Craving. Like a nut. My mouth is watering just sitting here trying to write this–they’re that good. And the truth is–I don’t even normally like enchiladas.

But honey I like these and you will too.

Even my kids ate them–well Logan did. Caroline just picked the chicken out and ate that. I ate mine and hers. And half of Logan’s. And I hovered over Jeremy while he ate his like a buzzard waiting for the scraps. I’m just going to blame all that on hormones.

Or maybe I’m just totally greedy.

This recipe comes from a fantastic one-pan cookbook from JoCooks called (imagine this) 30-Minute One-Pot Meals and if you’re part of the 99.974% of Americans who have pretty much zero time to cook, you need to get your hands on this book.

30-Minute Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

You’re going to find all kinds of other fantastic options like this buried inside its pages. But you’ll need to wait until you can pull yourself away from the cheesy addiction of these green chile chicken enchiladas to do it. That might take a while.

You can make these with a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken or just drop some meat in a pot of boiling water and cook them through then shred them. That’s what I do.

And don’t skip the fresh onions and tomatoes on top. In my opinion they really brought a fresh element to the dish. Not to mention it looks pretty. And looking good is half of believing something tastes good. We love a good mind game, don’t we?

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