Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie CakeThis Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake will blow your mind! Layers of cookie flavored cake alternating with vanilla bean, browned-butter chocolate chip cookies and fluffy, vanilla buttercream!

Vintage Kitty is celebrating its one year birthday! And although we don’t need an excuse to eat cake any time of year here, birthdays require extra special cakes! We think that this Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake screams birthday with its classic cookie flavors and made from scratch appeal! It’s just like mom made, or maybe better!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Can you believe it’s been a year already? I certainly can’t! It’s been roller-coaster year of learning curves, making new friends online and off and so very, many dirty dishes! 53 recipes, 65 posts, and 365 days of adventure! The musical theatre geek inside me is ready to break into Season of Love and I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry!

It’s overwhelming to say the least. All the positive feedback, the social media shares, and the amazing opportunity to become a freelance writer have made the long hours worth it! But keeping it real…all the recipe flops, Foodgawker rejections, and coding mistakes have challenged me to grow.

And if this year’s successes continue,  the ride will get even more exciting! And I’m looking forward to it all..the recipe testing, the travel assignments, the magazine articles, the collaboration with awesome brands, bloggers, photographers and more! BRING IT ON!!!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Tomorrow….hahaha. Because today we must celebrate with Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake!

Many people that know me, know that when it comes to sweets, there are two things I can’t stop eating…donuts and cookies. Luckily, good donuts are hard to come by… but cookies… If I make a batch, there won’t be any left 24 hours later. Especially if they are chocolate chip cookies!

It’s embarrassing but true. So one day when me and the hubby were making cookies, I started thinking about those cookie “cakes”. (Do you remember those Mrs. Fields birthday cookies? The huge ones covered in tons of sugary frosting?) And I started thinking that they were nice and all, but who wants a birthday without cake?

And then the idea of making a chocolate chip cookie flavored cake popped into my mind. Could it be done? Could you really make a cake that has the essence of everyone’s favorite cookie?

I can tell you that yes, you can! But it takes more patience than Cookie Monster making one batch of cookies! It takes quite a lot of test batches to create a new cake recipe but I’m happy to say that this Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake is moist, easy to make and actually takes and looks like a cookie!

So I should have been happy and stopped there, right? No!!!! I decided to take this party over the top by adding two thin layers of cookie into this recipe!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

It’s so pretty with all the layers…but I’ll let you in on a little secret. This Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake is so good you can eat it by itself, no frosting, nothing….other than a glass of milk or a cup of coffee… So if you aren’t into all the layers, this cake would be just as good as a sheet cake topped in a chocolate ganache… Simple, easy and delicious!

But I’m not low maintenance when it comes to celebrations… I “need” all those layers and frosting… so pile them on and let’s eat to a year of Vintage Kitty!

Before I leave you with the recipe, a quick note of thanks to all my readers. You are what has made this dream a reality, so THANK YOU! I’m honored and humbled by your love and support!

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