Frito Pie

This is technically Frito casserole, but doesn’t Frito pie sound so much more….amazing!Frito Pie

I’m usually not much of a casserole type of girl, but lately we’ve been eating a bunch of them.

I think it’s the cold weather. It makes me do crazy things.

Yesterday I even cleaned my pantry a little bit, which is proof that I go a little crazy when I’m chilly.

Frito Pie

Speaking of chilly, I bought my dog a jacket. With a hat.

This goes both in the chilly and crazy category according to my super un-stylish husband. He just doesn’t get it.

A dog should both look good and be warm while she does her morning business.

Frito Pie

And, uh, speaking of CHILI, that’s pretty much what Frito Pie is made out of. Warm, delicious chili. I leave the beans out, because my family believes beans are from the devil.

Easy Peezy Frito Pie Dinner

Chili on a bed of Fritos, topped with sour cream, cheddar, and more Fritos.

That right there is what I call dinner. It’s warm and comforting, it’s salty and delicious, and anytime I can make a meal out of a bag of chips I’m a happy girl.

Have you seen my Doritos casserole? It’s dinner out of a bag of Doritos! And it’s amazing.

I know everyone has their own version of Frito Pie, but this is mine. And, FYI, it’s the best.

Happy Frito Pie Day, y’all. (It’s a new holiday. I just made it up. Go with it.)

Frito Pie

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