Grilled peaches with mascarpone

If you have the grill all fired up already for dinner, don’t rush to turn it off or let it burn out. You can make some great, easy desserts on the grill and these grilled peaches with mascarpone are definitely one of them. Incredibly quick and easy to make, and packed with peachy flavor. They’re the perfect summertime dessert.

Grilled peaches with mascarpone

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We don’t actually have dessert that often in our house, mainly as we are not massively sweet toothed. Well, the boys are a bit and me now and then, but I’d rather hold back on the kids getting too much sugar at this point. The other reason is time. By the time we might consider dessert, I just can’t quite be bothered to make something.

Grilled peaches with mascarpone

Many desserts you see on this site (like the strawberry rhubarb crisp I shared recently) were actually made during the day mainly to share here (though we still enjoyed them). Others are made ahead for when we have people over (like my banana baked cheesecake, sour cream apple cake and ostkaka – Swedish cheesecake). 

Instead, the boys more commonly have a date as dessert (a great habit to get into by the way) or now and then a smoothie (even better). And I might sneak in a bit of ice cream after they’ve gone to bed (less good, I know).

These grilled peaches might have to happen a bit more often, though. They take literally a few minutes to make and the grilling makes all the difference. It softens up the flesh and gives it a slight caramelization. Then, there’s the mascarpone with a little maple syrup in there. I love mascarpone anyway, but the maple gives it such a great flavor that goes perfectly.

Grilled peaches with mascarpone

Tips for perfect grilled peaches

Since there’s so little to these, there’s only a couple tips I’d suggest.

  • You are best to use just ripe peaches as very ripe ones may disintegrate with cooking.
  • Don’t try to move them around too much or they really will fall apart. Just carefully use a flat spatula-type tool to check one when they seem to be sizzling slightly and are probably ready.
  • You can grill both sides, but they will obviously become a lot softer if you do.

Deliciously squishy on top with that hint of grilling flavor, and full of great peach flavor. Then the wonderfully smooth, gently sweet mascarpone rounding them off, grilled peaches are such a great summery dessert. Definitely worth the few minutes to make them.

Grilled peaches with mascarpone

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  • Plus get more desserts and summer recipes in the archives.

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Grilled peaches with mascarpone

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