Instant Pot Posole – Pork Stew (Pozole)

A wonderful Mexican one-pot meal is Posole (the New Mexico spelling, or Pozole, which means ‘Hominy’). Instant Pot Posole – Pork Stew is full of chunks of tender, fall apart pork, poblano peppers, hominy, and a rich broth made with ground red chile pepper, garlic, herbs & spices. Pressure cooker Posole is delicious!

Instant Pot Posole – Pork Stew (Pozole)

Instant Pot Posole – Pork Stew

It has always fascinated me how every culture on Earth has a soup or stew that can define it. When I think of Potato Leek Soup, I think of Wales, where my grandpa was from. China has Hot and Sour, Borscht from Russia, Matzo Ball Soup is Jewish, and on and on.

Maybe there isn’t always just one soup that we associate with a culture, and maybe a variation of one soup is shared by more than one culture (e.g., Chicken Soup).

When I think of soup or stew from Mexico (and New Mexico), I think of Posole. There are several variations of this stew, which usually has a fair amount of broth.

There are three main types of Posole: Blanco, Verde, and Rojo (white, green, red). This Instant Pot Posole – Pork Stew is the Rojo, or red variety, which is from the ground New Mexico chile peppers.

You can use plain old chili powder if you don’t have the NM variety, and it will still be excellent.

Instant Pot Posole – Pork Stew features Pork shoulder (aka pork butt) as the meat of choice. As it cooks in the pressure cooker, it becomes fall apart tender. So good!

I amped this Posole up a little more with the addition of beer, and some poblano chile peppers. They add a nice depth of flavor.

Instant Pot Posole – Pork Stew (Pozole)

Canned hominy is the perfect choice to finish off the list of starring ingredients. The hominy has a nice chewy bite and cooks along with the pork and peppers.

Gather everything you will need and have it there by your Instant Pot® so you can enjoy the process of cooking this Instant Pot Pozole – Pork Stew!

Instant Pot Posole – Pork Stew (Pozole)
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Instant Pot Posole – Pork Stew (Pozole)

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I made this recipe in my 8 Quart Instant Pot® Electric Pressure Cooker. If you have a 6 quart model, reduce the recipe by 1/2 or by 1/3.

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