Low Carb Lemon Blueberry Zucchini Bread Recipe with Almond Flour

Lemon blueberry zucchini bread is a light, summery cake-like bread that uses seasonal flavors, comes together simply, and is perfect for breakfast, a snack, or even dessert. This low carb zucchini bread recipe is gluten-free, sugar free, and surprisingly simple to make. Keto zucchini bread is also one of my absolute favorite ways to use zucchini in a recipe… and a great way to finish off Zucchini Week!

Seriously, what better way to celebrate summer than with zucchini, blueberries, and lemons? Combine them together and you get one truly amazing low carb dessert treat.

A Blueberry Zucchini Bread Recipe To Finish Zucchini Week

If you need a recap of Zucchini Week, it’s pretty simple. I’ve been posting low carb zucchini recipes here at Wholesome Yum all week long.

Here are the recipes you may have missed:

  • Zucchini pizza muffins
  • Easy fried zucchini and squash
  • Zucchini noodle salad with bacon and tomatoes
  • Zucchini au gratin (low carb cheesy zucchini casserole)

Which one is your favorite?

Truly, they are all wonderful ways to use summer zucchini. Today’s low carb zucchini bread recipe is the final contribution for Zucchini Week this year and I may have saved the best for last.

The Best Keto Zucchini Bread Recipe

After a week of savory low carb zucchini recipes, it’s time for this yummy, sweet sugar free lemon blueberry zucchini bread!

You can’t taste the zucchini at all (I promise!). Instead, you end up with the most deliciously tender, moist, low carb, sweet bread. It’s more like a treat than you can imagine.

This lemon blueberry zucchini bread recipe honestly makes my favorite low carb zucchini bread yet.

And like I mentioned, it’s totally a treat. Blueberry zucchini bread with lemon glaze is awesome for dessert, but it’s also healthy enough for breakfast! Or enjoy it with some coffee or tea in the afternoon, too.

The zucchini keeps it light on both calories and carbs, so you can enjoy this low carb zucchini bread recipe without any guilt at all. And it tastes so decadent that you could almost call it lemon blueberry zucchini cake. Especially if you have children who like cake and want to sneak some extra veggies in to their diets. 😉

Dessert for breakfast is the best, isn’t it? Well, now you can indulge because you’re not only eating something sweet, but healthy.

Low Carb Lemon Blueberry Zucchini Bread Recipe with Almond Flour

Lemon Blueberry Zucchini Bread Ingredients & Substitutions

This low carb zucchini bread recipe is also gluten-free, sugar-free, keto, and can be dairy-free and paleo (keep reading!).

And, like all the recipes here at Wholesome Yum, this recipe is under ten ingredients (kinda). I sort of maybe had to cheat on that just a bit, but knew you’d forgive me as soon as you took your first bite of lemon blueberry zucchini bread.

Even without the salt (which I never count), it came out to eleven ingredients — so I made the lemon zest optional. But trust me, friend, you want to include it. It’s so good.

So here’s what you need for this blueberry zucchini bread recipe:

  • Butter
  • Erythritol
  • Eggs
  • Lemon juice
  • Vanilla extract
  • Almond flour
  • Gluten-free baking powder
  • Zucchini
  • Blueberries
  • Sea salt
  • Optional: lemon zest

While this gluten-free lemon blueberry zucchini bread is still great without the lemon zest, it really boosts the tart flavor that compliments the sweetness so well. It’s definitely worth including!

You may want to use another granulated sweetener for a more strict paleo option, such as coconut sugar. If you want to use something else, check out the low carb sweetener guide for conversions and ideas.

While you can swap out the erythritol for a different sweetener of choice, you’ll want to make certain it’s granulated, and not liquid or a concentrated form, so that the recipe still turns out.

If you’re allergic to almonds, you could try sunflower seed meal. The color and flavor of the lemon blueberry zucchini bread would be different, but should still work. Don’t use coconut flour, which would make it too dry.

And to make this a paleo zucchini bread recipe, use ghee instead of butter. You can even swap in coconut oil to make your low carb zucchini bread both dairy-free and paleo. Either way, it would still be gluten-free, sugar-free, and keto.

Low Carb Lemon Blueberry Zucchini Bread Recipe with Almond Flour

How To Make Zucchini Bread with Almond Flour

Before you get ready to mix up your batter, the very first thing you need to know about how to make zucchini bread is how to prep the zucchini. That’s the most critical so that it doesn’t end up WET!

Here’s how to make keto zucchini bread:

  • Grate the zucchini and then set it in a colander to drain for a bit. You can start the batter while you’re waiting on that.
  • Cream the butter and sweetener together until they are nice and fluffy. This will make a light, moist low carb zucchini bread with almond flour, instead of a super dense one.

This is why butter is preferred in this blueberry zucchini bread recipe, but you can do it anyway if you’re using ghee or coconut oil.

  • Beat in the egg, vanilla, lemon juice, and (optional) lemon zest. These are the wet ingredients.
  • Mix in the almost flour, baking soda, and salt. These are the dry ingredients going in.
  • Squeeze the zucchini. Now you’re ready to finish prepping your grated zucchini. Gather it up in a few layers of paper towels or some cheesecloth, and squeeze all the excess moisture out of it. This is really important! Make sure you get out as much liquid as you can, otherwise the bread will be watery.
  • Stir the grated zucchini into the batter, and fold in the blueberries. Folding prevents smashing them.

I suggest lining your pan with parchment paper, but you can also use foil that’s been thoroughly greased if you prefer.

How To Make Glaze For Keto Zucchini Bread

While the keto zucchini loaf bakes, you can go ahead and make the glaze for it.

To make the glaze, simply add your erythritol to a blender and pulse it. Or, to make it even simpler, you can use an already powdered sweetener such as Erythritol Confectioner’s or Sukrin Melis.) Then, simply whisk it together with the lemon juice. Drizzle the glaze over the bread once it’s completely cooled.

Tips For The Best Low Carb Zucchini Bread

Here are a few quick tips to make your blueberry zucchini bread recipe amazing…

Make sure to get all the moisture out.

When you squeeze the grated zucchini, do it several times. I often get a cup or more of liquid out. If you don’t get rid of enough water from the zucchini, the resulting lemon blueberry zucchini bread will be soggy.

There’s an option for sturdier low carb zucchini bread.

If you want to improve the texture of your lemon blueberry zucchini bread and make it more sturdy, add 1/2 tsp xanthan gum to the dry ingredients before adding the wet ingredients. This would not be paleo and is not required (I skipped it), but you can try it if you’d like.

Round the top before baking.

Low carb breads don’t rise very much, so rounding the top upfront helps it have that shape in the end.

Check on the low carb zucchini bread in the oven.

Don’t check too often because it lets the heat out, but check a couple times toward the end. If the bread starts to brown before it’s cooked through inside, you can loosely tent the top with foil and continue baking. This will prevent the top from burning. (I actually left it in the oven a little too long for the pictures – you want it a bit less brown than shown.)

Let the lemon blueberry zucchini bread cool before adding glaze.

Don’t put the glaze on the bread when it’s hot! If you do, it totally soaks in instead of staying on top.

Wait at least several hours, or overnight, before slicing.

The bread stays together better if you let it cool to room temperature at the very least. But, it’s even better overnight.

How To Store Low Carb Zucchini Bread

If you’re wanting to make this delicious lemon blueberry zucchini bread to enjoy for the week’s breakfast or in advance to share with company, storage is simple. It’ll keep on the counter for a couple of days with no problems at all!

In fact, it’s easier to cut the bread if you let it sit overnight.

However, it’s best to refrigerate the bread for any longer than a few days. Remember to wrap it in parchment paper, not plastic, to keep it from getting soggy.

How To Freeze Keto Zucchini Bread

Another option is to slice it and flash freeze the slices, so you can pull them out one at a time. Place them flat on a baking sheet in the freezer until frozen solid. After that, you can transfer them to a freezer bag. Grab one whenever you want a sweet treat, and reheat in the toaster, oven or microwave.

This low carb zucchini bread recipe is simple to make in large batches if you’ve got a garden with a large zucchini harvest, too. Yay for having that problem! 😉

You could even make it into muffins, if you wanted. (You’d need to reduce the baking time if you do that.) Or, you could call them cupcakes… because with the lemon glaze and moist, sweet cake, no one would ever know they were really eating low carb zucchini bread!

Low Carb Lemon Blueberry Zucchini Bread Recipe with Almond Flour:
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Low Carb Lemon Blueberry Zucchini Bread Recipe with Almond Flour

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