Mummy Brownies for Halloween

These Mummy Brownies are perfect for Halloween! They’ll scare up a good time and they’re so easy to make! The perfect kid-friendly treat!

Mummy Brownies for Halloween

Mummy Brownies for Halloween

Oh, my! How cute are these mummified little treats!! I’m a total sucker for cute Halloween treats and especially if they’re easy Halloween treats! So, my latest creation is a must-make for Halloween parties and playdates – Mummy Brownies!

Simple and Chocolatey! The perfect combo.

In case you missed them, I also made some creepy, crawly Brownie Spiders that create a spooktacular duo with these mummy brownies!

I’m not much for dressing up, but I can make some super fun Halloween Treats! Last year it was adorable Oreo Mummy Pops and Oreo Pumpkin Pops. For our Halloween party the year before, these 4-ingredient Bat Treats flew in and made an appearance.

Mummy Brownies for Halloween

Seriously! You can’t go wrong with any of these easy Halloween Treat Recipes!

Mummy Brownies for Halloween

How to Make Brownie Mummies

So, here’s the best part, depending on how how much time you have you can either make a pan of homemade brownie (my fav) or buy a box and bake it up!  I use my delicious homemade Dark Chocolate Brownies for this recipe because they are so darn good! This is what chocolate dreams are made of!

Once your brownies are baked and cooled, cut circles out with a biscuit cutter. You will likely get (9) 1 1/2 inch circles from an 8×8 pan.

Mummy Brownies for Halloween

You need just a couple more ingredients and your Mummy Brownies come together easily.Goggly eyes are my go-to thing to bring life to a cute little dessert.Look what they do for these Oreo Mummy Pops.

The easiest way to affix the eyeballs is by melting some chocolate chips and putting a small dab on the back and placing them on the brownies. Once it hardens, the eyes totally stay put. For reference, place your eyes in the center near the top of your brownie.

Now, it’s time to get mummified! Melt your white chocolate chips or candy melts in the microwave until they are soft and stir easily.

Tip:  One of the best kitchen hacks is to place your melted chocolate in a small Ziploc baggie and snip a small piece of one corner off. It magically becomes a piping bag!

Once you have your baggie filled with chocolate and the end snipped off, make a criss-cross pattern on the brownie to make “bandages” for the mummy. Make sure you don’t cover the candy eyes. You can put as many as you’d like, but leave a little room in-between so they do look like bandages.

Let your killer dessert cool and harden and they are ready to scare up a good time!

Video Tutorial for How to Make Mummy Brownies

See the video tutorial for how to make this simple Halloween Treat!

Tips for Making Mummy Brownies

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  • You can use candy melts, white chocolate chips or cream cheese frosting to make the mummy bandages. All are frighteningly dee-licious!
  • Reader suggestion: bake your brownies in a cupcake pan so you don’t have to cut them out. 
  • Store brownies in an airtight container at room temperature for approximately 5 days.
  • For a fun twist, stir food color into white chocolate before piping on brownies for colorful mummies!
  • Because it’s hard to cut a circle, I recommend using a round biscuit cutter.  The thick brownies come out easily and perfectly round! I used a 1.5-inch cutter. 
  • The recipe I use makes an 8×8 pan of Brownies (9 Mummy Brownies). If you want more mummies, you can double the batch or use a mix/recipe that yields more.
  • If you’re looking to make your Mummy Brownies gluten-free either use a gluten-free brownie mix or try this homemade recipe from The Toasted Pine Nut.

Supplies Used to Make Mummy Brownies

8×8 pan – perfect for brownies or these Easy Oatmeal Bars!
Biscuit Cutter – the easiest way to cut perfectly round circles.
Candy Eyeballs – my go-to items for cute desserts!

Mummy Brownies for Halloween

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These little treats are definitely going to pull a disappearing act when you serve them up!

Mummy Brownies for Halloween

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