Soft Sugar Cookies

If you’ve been on a search for a recipe for a bakery-style soft sugar cookie, search no more! There’s something really special about mastering a classic and my Soft Sugar Cookies recipe has got all techniques to make your sugar cookie soft just the way you want it.

Decorated to the nines with colored frosting, and of course a mix of fun rainbow sprinkles, these cookies are perfect for all kinds of celebrations!

What makes makes my Soft Sugar Cookies so soft?

There are just a few tweaks that take sugar cookies from crisp to super soft. Just like all baked goods, these cookies are made with the same ingredients as other sugar cookies: butter, flour, sugar, egg and baking powder, but in a slightly different ratio.

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What makes these cookies incredibly soft is the amount of butter, which adds rich flavor, and the use of 2 eggs. Using more egg than your average sugar cookie, or shortbread recipe, makes these cookies have a tender bite. The cookies are made quickly in one bowl and bake for only 10 minutes, which means these cookies are a breeze to make.

Soft Sugar Cookies

How to Frost Sugar Cookies

A sugar cookie is great on its own, but what Soft Sugar Cookies to the next level is frosting or the icing.

Made of powdered sugar, milk, vanilla, and butter, this frosting is made specifically for super soft sugar cookies. It stays thick and malleable thanks to the butter, and this makes them perfect for swirling atop the cookies using a butter knife or offset spatula. After frosting, I top them with sprinkles. Optional? Yes. But just look at them and tell me if it’s really a choice!

Also, the frosting will set over time and harden on the outside — but the inside will still be soft, perfectly complementing the texture of the cookie itself.

Soft Sugar Cookies

How long do sugar cookies last?

My cookies keep really well covered in an airtight container at room temperature for 3-4 days. These make the most lovely gift or party favors, but once you give them a try they will also surely become a staple in your repertoire!

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