Vegan Chocolate Cookies

Deliciously satisfying double-chocolate vegan chocolate cookies! Quick and easy, crunchy and soft, perfect for satisfying all your chocolate cravings.

Vegan Chocolate Cookies

What I love about cookies is that they’re so easy and quick to make.

These vegan chocolate cookies bake in 10 minutes! I mean really!

So if you’re in the mood for a batch of cookies there’s really not a lot standing between you and a tray of warm chocolate cookies straight from the oven complete with melting chocolate.

Vegan Chocolate Cookies

And what’s better than vegan chocolate cookies? Double chocolate cookies! I couldn’t resist adding chocolate chunks to these cookies.

And aside from what’s baked into them, as soon as they came out of the oven, beautifully warm, I placed a few more chocolate chunks right on top.

Because you can’t get too many chocolate chunks in your chocolate cookies.

As you can see from the photos below, the cookie dough is pretty dry. This is exactly what you want.

The result is a chocolate cookie with the perfect amount of crunch and the perfect amount of softness too.

I found the cookie dough to be so perfect that it just rolled into perfect balls. However, if your dough is a bit sticky, just dust your hands with some cocoa powder, it’ll do the trick.

Vegan Chocolate Cookies

These vegan chocolate cookies tick all the boxes, they are:

  • Double chocolate
  • Both crunchy and soft
  • Super easy
  • Deliciously satisfying

If you keep them in a covered container, they easily last up to a week!

Vegan Chocolate Cookies

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Vegan Chocolate Cookies


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